A walk around Unst

We have been visiting Unst for over 30 years and in that time we have walked over quite a lot of it. Mostly short walks, between weathers, with a flask of hot chocolate, and full waterproofs, and Pip the dog.

So, let's pretend that you wake up one morning to find that it is a typical Unst day. You know, warm and sunny with a light breeze. Seems like a good day to walk around the island.

Given that would be around 100 kilometres, it would be an unlikely idea.

However ...

The coastal path

Having packed the rucksack (including waterproofs and several bananas), you walk down to Sandwick beach. Now, you are obviously thinking that this is a blatant bit of advertising, starting as it does a hundred metres or so from Hannigarth. Well, okay but I had to start somewhere and I guess that you can pick up the walk anywhere en-route or even use it for ideas for various different short walks on the island.

North or south?

You will note that the sign isn't very specific since it offers you both options without any further guidance. However, when you have made your decision, the many finger posts, signs and styles all along the coast will see you right (or left). Anyway, I bet your phone has GPS, although the mapping app may depend on a decent signal. Maybe you should take the OS map too, just to be on the safe side.

Click here to walk up the East coast to Hermaness.

Click here to walk South (at first) and then up the West coast.

Richard and Jane King - 28/8/2019