Ten (ish) reasons why teenagers may not like Hannigarth

(with apologies to my children. Sorry - young adults)

There isn't a shower - yet!

There is no internet access. Unless of course you have one of those new fangled mobile phones.

Mobile phone signal can be elusive (although its a lot better than it used to be).

Most activities involve walking.

People of all ages occupy the same rooms for meals and in the evenings.

The TV is neither flat nor widescreen and there is no Sky or cable.

The weather presents many opportunities for reading books and playing board games.

The radio is permanently set to Radio 4 (although Radio 2 can be found with a bit of effort).

There are two gates to be opened and closed (and guess who's job that will be).

White trainers and sheep poo don't mix (well, they do but ...).

It's the wrong sort of beach (well, it's the right sort of beach but in the wrong place).

One reason why teenagers may like Hannigarth

There are a lot of bus shelters on the island.

Richard and Jane King - 19/11/2019