Welcome to Hannigarth on the Island of Unst, Britain’s most northerly inhabited Island.

The house is a traditional Shetland croft house looking out over Sandwick beach on the east coast of the island. The self-catering property sleeps 6 with one double and two twin bedrooms. It also includes a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Oh, and a shed!

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Although this web site is intended as a source of information about Hannigarth, we hope that you will spend a bit of time investigating the other pages to find out why we fell in love with Unst.

Use the links below to explore the site or download the information document (revised 5.8.2021).

"Gannets at Hermaness"
"View from Sneuga"
"Marsh Marigolds at Uyeasound"
"Norse Homestead"
"Shetland Mouse-ear Chickweed"
"Puffins at Hermaness"
"Coastal path"
"The Unst Bus Shelter"
"Otters at Framgord"
"An Otter's breakfast"
"Gannets at Hagdale"
"Beach below Hannigarth"
"Wick of Collaster"
"Standing stone at Clivocast"
"April sunrise"
"Sunrise at Easting Beach"



Have a look inside the house and find out what you need to bring.


Wildlife on Unst

Click on the picture to find out about the plants and animals near to Hannigarth.

Getting to Hannigarth

Getting to Hannigarth

Follow this link to find out how to travel to Unst.

Living on Unst

Living on Unst

Unst.org has lots of background information about life on Shetland.

Richard and Jane King - 12/10/2020